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Hillsborough County Commission and the Voting Rights Act

The Hillsborough County Commission currently has seven members, four of which are elected from districts, three elected at-large by the entire county. This is not a new arrangement, and the hybrid system of districts/at-large is not unique Рin fact, my home city of Gainesville has the same four district/three at-large setup for their commission. A map of the districts is below (click for a larger view).


The county has seen racial change over the past few decades, especially when it comes to the Hispanic population. In the 1990 Census, 13% of the county was Hispanic, in 2000, 18%, and in the most recent Census, Hispanics made up 25% of the county. However, there is no majority-Hispanic district in the county. Instead, District 3 is a joint Hispanic/African-American majority district, with a voting-age population of 35.5% African-American and 23.4% Hispanic; this district currently has an African-American representative, and there is no Hispanic representative currently on the commission.

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